Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fail 1.0

The first night of the Studio F exhibit was a bit of a failure.  I exhibited 7 photographs; each was of a bicycle and all but one featured children.  For starters, the turnout for this particular event was a little low.  But that's not the main thing. 

The main thing is that I hope never to get used to the feeling I get when people completely pan my photographs.  People would walk in, glance for a split second at the wall, and move right along.  Like almost nothing at all registered.  This amazed, baffled, and most importantly, pained me.  Of course I do this to other artists and their work.  Particularly painting.  So I understand what's happening.  But it also means failure. 

So I will change it up for next time.  I think I will try "salon style".  Rather try to have a coherent series, I'm going to display the photographs I want, and arrange them in a splash. 

Meanwhile I have so much other work to do.  I must

1) Prepare for Chicago!  This means really select what I will present for my reviews.
2) Organize my two on-going projects (the fountain and "boom town")
3) My other project... my neighborhood.
4) Catalogue and backup digital files.

So much work.  Meanwhile, I have to "work" (to make a living).